Mar 16-20. Crowd Level 10?

We are going to be down at Disneyworld during my son’s spring break. I am seeing crowds of levels 9 and 10 for those days. Are you telling me that the parks will be as busy as a major holiday or during the summer? That doesn’t seem right. I recognize it is spring break for some school systems but a crowd level of 10? Really?

Welcome to the forum @Jawoodruff! I am sure others will post on this thread but I don’t think all 10s are equal. The crowd calendar should tell you- it is spring break, it will be crowded, have a good plan!

Personally, I have found I don’t get frustrated if I always plan for high crowds. Then, if it is not that busy I am thrilled!

Yes, spring break weeks are a time when the parks will be crowded.

Welcome! Ask anything and as often as needed!

Yep! Most school breaks are this way. For a lot of people it’s the only time they can go to WDW. I live in TN this is our Spring Break along with most of the Mid-South states.

However, by using Touring Plans you’ll be ahead of 90% of the people just wandering aimlessly asking, “What do you want to do next?” and then walking into a queue that is 90 minutes long. Later in the day that same queue may be only 15 minutes, but they won’t know that.

With good planning and slightly lowered expectations of what you can do, it’s very manageable to still see a lot and have a Magical time!

Spring break is a major holiday at DisneyWorld - it’s kind of prime visiting time, the only time the kids are out of school before the super hot hotness of summer. It won’t, I don’t think, be a Christmas/NYE 10, but it will be busy. For what it’s worth, our Hollywood Studios day last year was a 10 and it was fine - lots of people, but with carefully planned fastpasses and a touring plan we still had a great day.

Most likely in between … less crowded than the Christmas holiday season, but more crowded than summer. Spring break season is a very busy time of year.

I’ll be there the same time for my son’s spring break. I’ll echo what everyone else has said. It’s pretty much always crowded at Disney so don’t stress too much about a 10. Just make a good plan and be patient. You will still have a great time!

I can tell you that’s spring break in Ontario and WDW is often a destination for snowbirds with kids. Also, I believe Texas has the same spring break.