Mar 12 - CL 8 at DHS question on wait times on TP

This seems wrong:

Anyone have any opinions?

So I just watched the Touring Plans video on rope drop, and I think it’s because the plan assumes you’re arriving at 9, which puts you behind that rush of people who arrived before and went straight to Slinky Dog. After the first rush of people the line actually goes down for a little while (all the rope droppers move to other things) before going back up when all the later arrivers start to roll in.

I guess I was surprised that it was only a 36 minute wait for the second time around, as well. I would have thougth it would back up more in the morning.

This is the morning estimated times for SDD on that day… a CL 8. See how it jumps around 11? I thought, since it’s a headliner, that it would be that high from the beginning of the morning.


I there a week ahead and getting the same info for both SDD and 7DMT. I am not believing it. That second ride will be higher. If not, please report!