Mapping out the plan?

I built a few touring plans that we may want to do, and there is a nice picture showing where each stop is on the map. Is where an app that can track our steps through the park? Perhaps, like Maps, but that knows about Disneyworld and won’t let us get lost? Better yet, where I can map out the plan in color, with landmarks shown.


The google maps seems to have a good grip on the place with many location markers. The terrain view is helpful too. I have a feeling I’m going to end up using them myself and just physically marking out where want we go rather than plotting it with the software. I’ve noticed on the TP ones, sometimes certain numbers aren’t on the map (particularly if they are close by to the previous or next one in the list) and I have to google to find where on earth the location is.

I think @profmatt may have gone hardcore with his mapping, perhaps he has some info to add here?

I just stole some maps from WDW To Go (I think) and annotated them with my plans.

Agree with @profmatt. These maps (From easy WDW) seem to be the best out there.

Ahh they finally updated the map to include Pandora :smiley:
I’d given up hope that it would happen before I go at the end of the year :slight_smile:

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How did you make your annotations? I see you have it saved as a jpeg but it is a pdf on the Easy WDW website. I would love to do the same thing with my TPs once they are finalized. My trip isn’t until August 2018 so I have lots of time to obsess over this. :wink:

I would copy and paste the image out of the PDF. Screen clipping with the snip program or just the good old print screen button on your keyboard will also capture it. I would then use PowerPoint to annotate. PPT works better than word because stuff stays where you put it. Sometimes in word the settings make things jump around if something else gets too close. Fixable, but too much messing around for my liking.

Side suggestion:
If you have a smartphone, won’t MDE still navigate you to your next destination? Once you get used to how it works, it’s pretty easy to just listen to where it announces to turn, and you can just listen for the instructions while you’re checking things out on your way.

I have “magic guide “ app on my phone and iPad. It is really easy to use and has a really good map. It will show current location when you are in the park and also shows closest restrooms, characters , parade route and attractions. Also will show wait times, dining places and current park hours etc… but I use mainly for maps. It is really easy and very easy map to navigate

Thank you for all suggestions!
I found a lot of attraction points we plan to visit on Google Maps,
and created a custom map. There is also a way to add points that I wanted that Google Maps doesn’t know about. I may also do the work of marking up the

WDW Cheetsheet list is priceless! Thank to @profmatt (and others for summoning her or him) for posting it! Definitely studying the cheat sheets, and the map can be easily printed and marked on paper.

Checked out the Magic guide app, it looks interesting, but it’s not available for Android.

I use a Mac and it’s easy to convert PDFs to JPGs or PNGs.