Map on lines app

Are there any maps of my Plans on the Lines Apps. I can’t find any. Do I have to print it out from my Desktop or save a PDF to my phone or use the My Disney Experience App maps.


I believe the map is only visible in the web-based version of your plan, not in the app.

Looks like this if you scroll to the bottom - works nicely when logging in via phone browser too.

(I just checked. I don’t usually reference that map these days since we’re often making changes in park using “Evaluate” as the day moves on.)

Yes, I’m aware of the browser map.
This is only our 2nd visit in 17 years so we don’t exactly know our way around to each attraction.
It’s a bit of a pain constantly looking at your phone let alone swapping apps.

Thanks anyway

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To be honest, as much as I dislike Disney’s MDE, I think their map implementation is fairly good and even shows your position and walking direction as you move.

I agree switching between apps is not optimal and MDE is a battery hog - but you’ll likely be in MDE often to work with Lightning Lanes etc.

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I’m taking a paper copy as well, as I’ve added some extra details we need.