Map of walkway HS to EP?

What’s the photo map of the walkway between HS and EP? I’ve seen it several times, but can’t seem to find it easily.

DS28 and his wife plan to go to EP for part of today, while the rest of her extended family is in HS. I’m trying to help them from home. Thanks!

I am going to try to post this link

The issue is that I do not think any map will show tha construction zone. I read that the new car entrance is opening within days (today?) and I don’t know how that will impact the walk?

Thanks. I knew there was something to do with construction, but hopefully they can figure it out.

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It is also possible to take a boat from Epcot to HS, and back again. Not sure how long that would take, however, since there are several resort stops along the way. But if you prefer to save your feet from walking, it is an option.

The boat will also be shut down for about a month so that would be date specific.

The date is TODAY according to the OP:

As of 10/22 when I walked it, the beginning of the walk is framed by construction barriers until you get to the waters edge. Easy peasy! Cutting through the Boardwalk Resort saves a few minutes.

Thanks! That’s very reassuring. I had read about this type of thing, but didn’t know the full impact or if it likely applied today.

The kids were going to pop into EP for just a short bit, then back to HS. They could still have energy for the return walk! But maybe they’ll opt for the boat then (if it’s running).

We did it after a 4am wakeup, flying to Orlando, and six hours in HS and it felt like a really long walk. We did miss the cut-off through Boardwalk, which took us a little longer. If you can catch the boat, it doesn’t seem that the boat ride would be much longer than walking.

Also, you can use Google Maps to obtain directions from HS to Epcot and just select ‘Walking’ as your mode of transportation. It works great!

I thought you were just making a general comment about the boat.

No problem. :slight_smile: It did read that way if taken out of context. I’ll forgive you…this time. :wink:

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Ugh, don’t take the boat. Super slow. 15+ minutes just from Epcot to board walk. (Where as it’s a 3-5 minute walk comparatively)

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