Manually add a FP

Is there a way to manually add an entry in TP to pick up a FP instead of going to the ride itself? I am trying to make a plan but am having a hard time with this. It seems like TP only adds picking up a FP if it thinks you should - even if you click all of the check marks in the FastPass section and don’t click “Optimize” ever.

Please help!!

Maybe add as a break?

If you’re making a plan on the app then you won’t be able to add in a manual FP step any other way than a break.
However, if you are using a web browser, you can definitely add FP steps by scrolling down to the last step of the plan, then clicking Add Attraction and selecting the FastPASS step from the dropwdown menu.

The dropdown menu is divided into 4 separate sections Headliner Attractions & Entertainment, Shows, Parades & Diversions, FASTPASS Booths and Seasonal Items. Each section has everything listed alphabetically so you just have to make sure you scroll down past all the attractions & shows, then you’ll see the FP booths to be able to manually add a FP.

Happy planning!