Managing two families for Genie+

I am travelling with my sister’s family in April. I want to be able to reserve Genie+ for both families. How the heck do I get access to do this for her family as well as mine. Currently I have linked my sisters account with mine. I can “see” her but not the rest of her family. And by seeing her can I also make plans for her or just see what she is doing?

Basically, I don’t think I should have us buying Genie+ if I can’t make reservations for the 8 of us at once. And I can not figure out how the heck to see the people in her party, only her. Does this make any sense? Why is this so hard? Do we need to actually make individual accounts for all the spouses and the kids so that then we can share them? HELP!!!

And we are staying off site so I can’t use the link by hotel reservation feature.

For a place where people often travel with others I am finding this especially maddening. I have done all the research about Genie+ techniques and this is my issue.

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Once you have linked your sister, you have to individually link all the people in her party as well. It’s complicated and not very intuitive, unfortunately.

Here is a blog post that explains how to do this:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. I can now see her people.

Next question. It says “Bob” managed by Sarah. Will I still be able to reserve stuff for Bob?

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Yes. My mum was managed by my dad but I booked everything for them.


Thanks so much! So helpful! Stress level is going back down.


It is stressful getting it all set up!