Man tried to bring loaded gun into EPCOT

But was caught.,amp.html?client=safari

Glad it was detected before he entered the park! I know some people always have their weapon on them b/c they carry at home and everywhere they go but they’re not allowed in Disney parks, period…hopefully this was just a case of “forgot he had it on him b/c he’s used to always carrying it” type of thing.

I thought everyone had to go thru detectors?

From what I understand people are randomly selected still, not everyone but perhaps that is going to change.

If you read the article, then it’s clear that it did not appear to be an accident. He was arrested on the spot.

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There was another woman yesterday that was found with a gun in her purse trying to get in to WDW. She was arrested, as well.

Yes I saw that he was arrested because he did not have a permit for a concealed weapon. One article I read stated that he reapplied on the bus from his resort that he had it in his backpack and did not want to return to the resort so he put it on his person, then when was selected for metal detector screening admitted he had the gun. Whatever the circumstances, I’m glad they removed him from the parks.

It doesn’t matter because even if he had a permit, he isn’t allowed to carry on Disney property. Period. Sounds like a load of bs from an irresponsible gun owner or worse.

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Our whole family was in EPCOT that day and when we found out about it later in the day, we all became very thankful for the system. My daughter was randomly selected as well and was annoyed by it but after this we are happy to be safe. We did have a great day of touring world showcase with many snack (and drink :laughing:) stops along the way. But in all serious we are grateful for the way Disney handled it and are happy to be safe and sound.


Wow! We were in the park with you on Monday and saw 2 sheriffs vehicles at the entrance to the park and someone inside the back of one when we got off the tram that morning. My husband even joked that it was pretty early for someone to have already overindulged on food and wine. We never gave it a second thought after we entered the park. Super scary.

I was randomly selected for the metal detector 3 of our 4 park days, apparently because of my intimidating 5’3 stature combined with my daughter’s sassy tinkerbell backpack. Each time they stopped me to inform me I was randomly selected I responded with an enthusiastic “Awesome.” They seemed confused by my exuberance for safety and passed on my proffered high-five every time. Oh, well.

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