Making TP using G+/LL Is Confusing Me

For the first time in… forever… I am trying to make an actual TP (not just using as a list of things I’d like to do) and the G+/LL thing is confusing me

When I say I want to use LL, it says, “Obtain LL for xxx will appear at the bottom of this plan”. Am I putting in the return or the time I actually go through the motion of getting it? It seems like I should just put in the time that I’m trying for (ie KS to ride at 10a)? But then it has it on the plan twice.



I created a plan without and then manually entered in times that I think I could get.


I put that I’m not using the G+ and make a plan without it. I add the LL times the day of and go from there. I know at each park what I need to rope drop or the order that I need to obtain LLs.


This is confusing me for DLR too. I doubt I need TP’s but they help me figure out what we can realistically get done each day.

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Unfortunately I could not get TP customized plans to tell me a reasonable LL to obtain at a reasonable time. There are just too many factors and it’s confounding the software, I think.

So what I do is create a regular plan assuming no LLs (tell it you will pick your own) then once you see the initial plan, find the longest wait in the morning and get a LL for that one. Enter the return time you plan to get it for. Then refresh and move onto the next longest wait for mid-morning. Repeat until you have about 4-5 LLs for the day. You may be able to get more, but it’s better to plan for less and be pleasantly surprised if you get more.

Good luck!


Great plan! Thanks hot legs!


You’re welcome! Oh, and after the first time you optimize, always use “evaluate” after that or it will screw everything up. Don’t hesitate to move steps to where you think they should really go.


Yeah, once upon a time, I never use evaluate. Nowadays, I never use optimize!