Making TP using G+/LL Is Confusing Me

For the first time in… forever… I am trying to make an actual TP (not just using as a list of things I’d like to do) and the G+/LL thing is confusing me

When I say I want to use LL, it says, “Obtain LL for xxx will appear at the bottom of this plan”. Am I putting in the return or the time I actually go through the motion of getting it? It seems like I should just put in the time that I’m trying for (ie KS to ride at 10a)? But then it has it on the plan twice.



I created a plan without and then manually entered in times that I think I could get.


I put that I’m not using the G+ and make a plan without it. I add the LL times the day of and go from there. I know at each park what I need to rope drop or the order that I need to obtain LLs.


This is confusing me for DLR too. I doubt I need TP’s but they help me figure out what we can realistically get done each day.


Unfortunately I could not get TP customized plans to tell me a reasonable LL to obtain at a reasonable time. There are just too many factors and it’s confounding the software, I think.

So what I do is create a regular plan assuming no LLs (tell it you will pick your own) then once you see the initial plan, find the longest wait in the morning and get a LL for that one. Enter the return time you plan to get it for. Then refresh and move onto the next longest wait for mid-morning. Repeat until you have about 4-5 LLs for the day. You may be able to get more, but it’s better to plan for less and be pleasantly surprised if you get more.

Good luck!


Great plan! Thanks hot legs!


You’re welcome! Oh, and after the first time you optimize, always use “evaluate” after that or it will screw everything up. Don’t hesitate to move steps to where you think they should really go.


Yeah, once upon a time, I never use evaluate. Nowadays, I never use optimize!


Count me as one of the many, I can assume, that are in the same boat. I have alway relied on the computer overlords to plan our days, but now I thought I would like to take a whack at it, only because the plans I am getting are not utilizing G+/LL as I would like. For instance, for our first day in DCA, it only has it being optimized for 3 rides all day and night? I know some of the ride waits are low, (27-31 minutes avg.) but why not use them if they are available? I have literally been trying to build the ultimate plan, for just the one day of our five, for over 6 hours! I have read so much in the blogs and on the TP sites tutorials that now I’m just wasting my time.

Jeff_AZ. I have tried to follow your advice to build the day then manually add LL, but I am a little unclear about how to do that. I have one more (yeah, right) idea that may get me there, and I will post results and a quick “how to” if I get it dialed. Honestly, the thing that is throwing me the most is that we don’t want to ride GRR at 8:30 at night. We typically hit it 3 times in succession during the day then dry off for the rest our time in the park. We have done it at night, as it was closed all day, and decided to not ever do that again. Especially in November. Additionally, this plan is for 10 family members, so I don’t want to have 9 unhappy campers.

Our visit starts next Sunday so I have time to get the plans dialed. We’re stoked to be in DL for Halloween, but a bit bummed we missed out on tickets for OBB. Next time!

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It takes a lot of trial and error, just adding a step, manually adding a LL, evaluating, and rearranging the steps. You have to go more or less in order of your day cause everything after the change will get messed up. Good luck!

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Thanks, Jeff. It is proving to be one of the most frustrating tasks. I expected it to not shift the entire list from my first edit, but, alas, it did. I also noticed some other anomalies. Note the free time after the two attractions, MJJ and TSMM. Why did this populate? Especially since after the evaluation, it showed I needed to delete attractions to stay within park hours? Huh?!

I appreciate all of your help, especially while you are away. Thanks again, Honey Nuts. :rofl:

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Yeah it’s really buggy.

First of all, make sure you are hitting Evaluate after each change, NOT Optimize. I assume you are doing so but just in case.

Second of all, the gaps happen for an unknown reason, but the only thing to do is to move a step down to one of the gaps and keep moving it until it is forced to the right time. If it’s not a LL, it shouldn’t leave a gap. Since your dinner has a specific time, anything after that in order will necessarily be after that time unless you specifically move it before dinner.

Hopefully with a few more rounds of trial and error you will get the hang of it. Let me know if you have any other questions!


It’s starting to work! :exploding_head: :sob:

I was not only making one change at a time. That is where I was blowing it. I am still getting the weird free time, and it seems to be accumulating as I go, but still asking me to evaluate the day in order to get the last rides in? Buggy?, Uh, yeah…

Once again, I am so thankful for all the folks here on the blog site and for those on the TP site. We have been users since 2006 when we walked around with sheets of paper and were getting eyeballed by those who didn’t know and nods by those who did! Times have changed, but Mr. Testa and the team, including all of the amazing users, have made TP what it is today and we look forward to using it for the rest of our days in the parks! :star_struck: :heartpulse:


I find the planning with G+/LL very frustrating. But it works MUCH better “day of”. When you add your actual LL return time the system is much happier.


Do you mean that you are building your plan the “day of” your park visit? If so, when did you realize you had your super powers?

I’m still working on rearranging our list and haven’t gotten to the actual LL times, but yesterday, when I started working on the plans and was utterly frustrated, I did try to input a return time after clicking the +LL tab and it did not end up in the allotted time slot. Just the system being buggy, or am I missing a step?

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In the header of your plan there is a little carat that you can click for “Advanced Options”

Once that opens up, click “Configure LL Return Times”

Select your attraction and your target return time.

Evaluate your plan.

Lather, rinse repeat! (been doing this all morning - don’t tell my boss)


Yes! I knew I had missed a step! I was so frustrated and had been doing so much reading that I must have just overlooked the trees for the forest. :tired_face:

Thanks to everyone who is getting me through this learning curve. I know we will have some killer plans for our visit! :heartpulse:


Interestingly, it just occurred to me to review my plans in the app

I haven’t played with that in about a week and some chatter in another thread got me thinking that maybe things were wildly different (they really aren’t)

I see that it is marking my planned LL as DAS. I don’t suppose it matters, really, as the functionality is the same, but it’s weird it doesn’t mark them as LL; there was no option to select DAS as the configuration (I don’t think)

Tagging @len for awareness on that, in case he cares :slight_smile:

I do love that in the app they (LL) appear at the top of the plan - I can screen shot that for the day and work with that as my reminder list of what to get and when :slight_smile:


I noticed that too this morning!


Thanks for fielding this question! Since it was traveling it was hard for me to give the attention needed to answer this question properly and I just assumed @Jacknard knew how to configure LLs since that is kinda key to the whole process. But now it makes sense why it was such a struggle. :blush: