Making the most of the TPs in the parks

I’m t-minus 16 days 'til go time. Last time I made use of the unofficial guide, there was just the book - none of this newfangled technology :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, how do you guys make the most out of your TP and lines app while there? Do you re-evaluate or optimize throughout the day? Are the CLs updated in real time as data for what’s actually happening is collected?

I have created a pocket sized version of my plans to print and take with me (will update them day before we leave). Other thoughts or tips?

Just trying to get an idea of what life is like using these things “on the ground” - looking for a balance between working the plan, using the resources and still just enjoying the magic.

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When I went I generally stuck to the plans I made before I left. Generally speaking our plans worked well and we had extra time in the parks that wasn’t planned. So I made use of the app and used it to check wait times for rides that we wanted to ride again. I never re-optimized the plans while in WDW.


Although TP does update wait times on the day based on real-time data, my general advice is to not re-optimize a plan while in the park unless it is starting to go significantly off-track. If you do decide to re-optimize, make sure that all the attractions that you have completed are marked as “done” in the app, and that the attraction that you just completed was the last one marked as “done” (that way the app knows approximately where you are in the park.


I make laminated daily cards because we tend to split up from time to time, so we need to keep somewhat close to that in order to meet up. That said, if we get really off-track I’ll optimize in the park and shuffle the things I’m doing with my group… usually this is because we find ourselves with a large chunk of time due to lower crowds/wait times or closures and we’re still able to make our scheduled rendezvous.

If you’re not ever needing to meet up with people then go ahead and reoptimize if you notice that the wait times are markedly different than expected, just keep in mind that when you re-optimize on the fly it’s easy to lose track of how much backtracking you’re doing.


We re-optimized through out the day and it was awesome. It helped us stay AHEAD of schedule. We hit a couple of rides quicker in the morning than we had planned for so we actually got to add things to the plan. I took laminated plans everyday and everyday by 10:30 the app would update us to a more efficient plan. Loved it. Couldn’t recommend more.


@walters1107 and @Nikkipoooo I’m a laminated too! Like your approaches. Sounds like it might be a good idea to have laminated plans but then optimize when necessary. I like the idea of having my original plan laminated and there for reference in case things get weird after optimizing - I can always go back.


That’s a very big plus! I use a really cute editable template that’s got space for my dining info and FastPasses, as well as all of my touring plan steps. I got it from Etsy, and I print it so it fits in the 4’x6" self-sealing laminate pouches and then just punch a hole in the corner & put them all on a ring.


Things can and will go wrong. Learn how to use the app before you get there. Then reeval/optimize as needed if you become behind or ahead of schedule. This is what I did and it worked great! Went Memorial Day weekend and for the most part never waited more than 15 minutes for an attraction.

Good luck and have fun!

I rarely re-optimize or evaluate. Only if we decide to really change up our plans in a drastic way that will impact the overall plan. So I use the app to view my plan and check things off as “done” when we do them

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I’m in love with all the organized laminated plans here! :grinning: Right up my alley!
I was wondering about this process too, so thanks for posting about it. Since I’m with a larger group, the suggestion to have a hard copy of the original plan just in case we ever do re-optimize is a good idea, as is making sure things are marked as “done”. Very helpful info!

I’m old enough I still like to do things old-school, with paper and pencil. I use a printed copy as my plan all day, so I don’t worry about smartphone issues like dead battery, damaged phone, or lost phone. Plus I can make notes on it, such as additional FPP times.

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Hard copies with all reservation numbers and fast passes on them…because you never know when you are going to face plant on Main Street USA…and destroy your phone! 12/30/15, 7:06 am…me.


We reoptimized throughout the day and found more things that saved time.

Things ebb and flow and that was the best way to take advantage of it, IMO.

:persevere::sob: Oh how sad!

Can you give me the link to the etsy shop or a little more info so I can find this? Thanks

I used the “Editable 10-day Disney Planner” and the “Editable Halloween Disney Planner”. They open in PowerPoint. If you print it so that you get 2 slides per page (landscape orientation, and make sure “scale to fit paper” is unchecked in the menu where you choose 2 slides per page) then it should be a good size to fit the 4x6" pouches.

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Thanks so much.