Making reservations for large groups

any tips?? although i’m not booking reservations for a bit, i was playing around and noticed that i was able to get a reservation for 4 and a reservation for 2, but could not get a reservation for a table of 6…

we have two different parties and i was going to make all the reservations for dining, should i do the two parties separately and ask when we get there for us to sit together? or make them for only part of the party and then call up and change?

ETA: Do i have to link all the other parties reservations in MDE in order for me to make reservations for more people than what is on my reservation? meaning…I have a family of 4, if i want to make a reservation for 6, do i have to have our friend’s reservation linked to my MDE account in order to do so? Also…we have some folks that are staying off property, so they dont have a reservation, but may be meeting us for a meal (not inside the park)…how do i do that?

I just went thru the same experience. I made all ADR’s and FPP reservations for a party of 12. It was very hard but not impossible to get a reservation for the whole group and honestly I was only able to get one for a 7 day trip. You can find ADR’s for smaller groups and do 2 reservations at a similar time, but, the system wont let you. It will tell you there is a conflict and will only make the second reservation if you cancel the first, which defeats the purpose.

My advise, call first thing in the morning at your 180 day window. Over the phone they can make 2 smaller reservations for the same time if needed. Then when you get to the restaurant you can ask to be seated together.

If you have to make two separate ADRs, make one in your name and one in the name of another person in your party. As long as you don’t show up on both reservations there won’t be a conflict.

You should be just fine. I made reservations for a group of seven at the 180 day mark, no splitting up needed. I got BoG, 1900 Park Fare and 50’s Prime Time with no splitting. Calling on the phone will waste valuable time. Try doing it all together first and then use the reservation finder for anything you miss or if you need to adjust a time. Good luck!

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I was making reservations for a group of 9 split into 5 in one family and 4 in the other. They were a little behind on booking and most places I had to book them within 10 minutes of each other with reservations for 5 and 4. When they arrived at the restaurants they either combined them to one table or they were seated very close to each other. They reported that this worked amazingly well. So I would just think about how you might want to split up the group if possible as a worse case scenario. But if the reservations are close enough in time I don’t see why it would be an issue to combine the two.