Making plans

I am going to Epcot and want to plan to get autographs (disney princesses, mary poppins, ect) on my plan. I don’t see any selection that allows you to choose autographs besides meeting disney pals and anna and elsa. How do I make it so that the plan will calculate this?

Unless the character has an official attraction spot (Like Ariel’s Grotto) you’ll have to manually create the time slot on your plan. The problem is, you won’t know how long you’re going to have to wait.

If I were you, I’d leave them off your plan, and then use the app while you’re in the park and reoptimize after you complete each character stop.

Personally, I hate character signatures for this very reason. Messes with your plan timing.

well I’m planning for the girls, its about them not my plans :slight_smile:

I’m not saying don’t do them, I’m saying don’t put them on your plan. Just do them as you happen to come across them, and then if needed, reoptimize your TP in the app.

AH got ya thanks

They can cost you 5 minutes or 30 minutes. So you never really know. I think impossible to plan for in advance. That’s where the TP app comes in so handy! (Or unexpected long bathroom, rest or food breaks. Or ride closures. Or any number of reasons. :slight_smile: )

Just make sure you bring a portable battery charger for your phone if you plan to use the app instead of a printed plan.

Add breaks into your plan to match with meeting characters. Some at Epcot are out all day, such as Baymax and Joy & Sadness, but they don’t have FPP. Others are out for just short times, but on a schedule. Snow White, Belle, and Jasmine & Aladdin had longer lines, but Mary Poppins, Donald Duck (Mexico), and Pluto had shorter lines, when I saw them last July. You could manually add breaks for them in your schedule once you have it optimized, then only evaluate.

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I agree! Estimate times for the character based on the schedule and put in a 10-20minute break.