Making plans and wondering what would be best to "anchor" on

I’m making plans for March 2020 and struggling with what to Anchor on, EMM days or EMH days. Our ADR reservation date is coming up so we have to make some decisions…

We really want to do EMM at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. However, as everyone on here knows, nothing is announced and it isn’t super clear if it will even be available. Additionally, we are on site so if we choose to go the EMH route, the EMH days don’t line up with the EMM days.

My general feeling is that Disney will have EMM return by that point so i’m leaning towards using those days as the foundation of our plan.Is that really not advised? I’ve bounced back and forth on this at least 10 times and want to put it to rest! :slight_smile:

Thank you

I personally would make a backup reservation so you’ve got both outcomes covered. Then cancel the extra ADR once Disney releases dates & hours.


Pretty sure you can make reservations for either scenario, and just drop whatever you won’t want once the Dis announces dates/times.

Just make a best guess based on prev patterns. Also, remember the res finder. I wouldn’t worry about adr’s, unless you need to get the impossibles during super busy times like CRT or whatever else that’s similar. I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to ADR’s, though. Since I don’t have to do crt, I just use the res finder without fail. Park plans are more important than the food for us. We get our park attack together, then plug in the best place to eat for a time we should be hungry. Since the food is “what it is,” I’m a bit less enthused about ADR’s, especially since the res finder is flat out awesome.

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