Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+

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@len - I really like the idea that the Optimizer will know which FPPs are actually available. Way cool!

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Since it is pinned, no need to bookmark! :slight_smile:

That. Will be AMAZING!

@len @lentesta Are the FPP acquisition strategies live yet? If not, is there an ETA for that feature? Brilliant idea. How will it work? For instance, I’ve noticed that TP doesn’t “recommend” FPPs until one tells it how many one can use for each tier. Should one try to enter “4” or more FPPs to get it to work? Thanks!

@ejj - ETA is by late summer. We’re evaluating a couple of different strategies for optimal FP use. And the Optimizer will know that you can get more day-of FPs after your advance FPs are done. We have approximately a million data points for advance FPPs now, so the stats team is working on predictions.

In some cases, it may tell you that 1 or 2 advance FPs are more useful than 3, because it allows you to get more day-of FPs faster. So rather than getting a 3rd advance FP for, you know, Imagination at 8 pm, it may just suggest 2 advance FPs so you can get a second, day-of Soarin’ FP at noon. (Assuming you want to ride Soarin’ twice.)

I’m working on code now to be able to easily implement different strategies, so we can test what works. I’ll ping y’all when something’s ready to test, because I think you’ll be interested. If you can describe a strategy that might work, too, let me know. :smile:

Dropping off the forums for a bit now so I can code.


Thanks. Was going to ask about the “early FPP” or “only 1 or 2 FPP” strategy, but you’re on it. You should consider hiring someone to be the “PR front man/gal” so you can code. :slight_smile: But I think the lines users have really appreciated you being engaged this week through the transition. It has made a tremendous difference.

This. is. AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see the TP updates and how it all works!!

@brklinck so glad you are posting this as this is your genre of expertise.

This would be absolutely wonderful!! Thank you!

Thanks for posting this @brklinck. I’m looking forward to developments.

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This is great stuff and I can’t wait for the updates!

I used this and it worked as you said! Can’t wait to try them out! Thanks!

I used your plan to book my fast passes, got what I wanted and can’t wait to use them in September. We used FPP and paper FP in November and we just randomly guessed what to book, and were just guessing each day when we left the hotel if we were right.

Thanks @brklinck! You are always sooooooo helpful to me :slight_smile:

My touring plan won’t optimize. Is there a bug?

Mine isn’t either…glad I’m not the only one

E-mail describing the problem and including the plan URL

Should we still optimize when we get into the parks or just optimize it a few times at home? Only 8 days to go…

Optimize now, and print out your plan as a backup. I usually only optimize when in the parks if my plan starts to go off-schedule.