Making my first ADRs -- what should my priority be?

Hi, planning our first trip to WDW & plan to be at my computer 180 days before to make ADRs. Since it’s our first big trip, would love to try BOG, Chef Mickey’s, Ohana and Hoop Dee Doo, but I know they’re all highly popular. Any advice on which to aim for first? Also, with Hoop Dee Doo does the reservation take longer to make since I’ll need to add payment information as well – any way I can do this in advance to speed things up? Thanks so much for the help.

Try to get BOG first. That goes FAST, especially for dinner. Then do Chef Mickey’s, then 'Ohana.

Since Hoop de Doo is an added cost, it doesn’t fill as fast. So if you are booking at 180, you shouldn’t have too many issues finding the time and tier you want.

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First priority will be BOG. Hardest get of the ones you named. Typical strategy says shoot for the latest possible MK day for a BOG dinner or lunch because closer ones are probably taken. Back in April I actually tried for a BOG for our first MK day but had no luck.

I’m not sure which would be next. Chef Mickey’s is always popular. I’ve only done Ohana once and had no problems with it. Hoop De Doo will probably be available. We switched plans around and had no trouble getting a new HDDR two weeks after the 180 day.

Also make sure you have your credit card info added in advance - this will make things much faster when processing your ADRs (ALL of them need a CC guarantee).

Thank you all so much! This is so helpful.

One trick is to open up several browser windows and set up each one to search for one of the ADRs you want. When 6:00am comes around kick of the searches in each window and then jump around them moving through the reservation process.


That’s great – hadn’t thought of that! One more question: is it possible to search all the available ADRs (if you’re flexible) for your trip at a specific restaurant, rather than, say, clicking on a restaurant and then asking for a particular day and time and then being told there’s no availability, so you have to keep guessing new days/times? Am I missing something?

I believe that you are limited to a specific day/time - there was a third-party search engines that would do what you want, but I think it’s shut down now.

The Touring Plans reservation finder will let you search, for example, all dinners at Garden Grill for the length of your stay. Probably more useful for when you’re within the 180 booking window, though.