Making FP reservations with linked MDE accounts

My husband and I both have MDE accounts. Kids are on both accounts. Can we both be logged on and make FPs at same time for different days for all of us?

Yes as long as everyone is linked up and you can see the ticket media in both MDE accounts. Who manages the kids’ profiles?

My profile has “plans managed by me” but his says sons plan managed by him, daughter plans managed by me. It looks like my son’s ticket doesn’t show on husband’s MDE. Can I link it?

You need to delete the profile for son that does not have the ticket (wether it’s your husband’s son or your son). Basically you have a duplicate profile. Once you have deleted the correct one then friend the son to the other parent via people I may know.

If you get stumped you can call Disney and they will do it for you.

AuntB you are a lifesaver. That was the problem. Our son somehow had a duplicate profile. All 4 tickets now show up on husbands account. So now husband and I can log in on Monday and both make FP reservations at same time?

Yep! Make sure to plan ahead who is doing what day.