Making Disney Advance Dinning Reservation

At what time can one make a DDR at 180 days out? I tried to make them shortly after midnight on the 180 day mark and when I tried the site dropped 2 day off what I could have scheduled instead of going to the 180th day. Is it like FP’s where you cannot make them until 7am the 60th day out?

6am Disney time online and 7am by phone.

Interesting thing when it comes to making dinning reservations. I have two vacations scheduled for the coming year. Both via MVT. When the second vacation was 180 days out I tried to make dinning reservations for the 10 days and it showed on the calendar that those 10 days were active to make the reservations. When I went to book a reservation say three days in, the system would not allow it. It would only allow me to make reservations a day at a time. I wonder if this has something to do with still have a prior vacation in the mix or that I went through MVT to book.

Were both reservations showing on MDE? Sounds like the second one wasn’t linked properly, so it was only opening a day at a time.

I just went out and made sure my second vacation was linked to my MDE account. It has been listed on MDE along with my first vacation coming up on Mar. 1. All DDR’s for this vacation are linked as well as FP’s. I can now go out to Dinning reservations after I have went to MDE first and listed my reservations. After that It will highlight the days of my upcoming vacation in Aug. I was able to complete day one Dinning reservation as that is the 180th day out. I can also go to reservations on the highlighted days and check for times and such. Once I choose a time that’s available to reserve, I click on the time I want but it goes to the Sorry Screen and that’s as far as it get’s. Another thing that was odd was when I was waiting for the time to hit midnight the day before and though it had showed the days before my 180th day out in blue, when it turned midnight on the 180th day it lost two of the prior days that I could have made reservations and would not let me make a reservation on the 180th day out until 0600 EST. I just tried again to make reservations for the rest of my second vacation with no luck. Apparently it is going to make me do them a day at a time.

I would phone, if you have the time and inclination. They should be able to make those dining reservations you want for you - this would almost certainly be quicker than waiting for IT to fix things.

I just did that and was able to make the dinning reservations I needed. The interesting thing is that because I booked my vacation via MVT, even though the reservation is tied to MDE account, the email address and the home address shown to the person on the Disney Dinning Reservations agent was the travel agencies address and not mine. She had to physically change it on my account booking to my email and home address. This may have caused the problem. I now went out to MDE under reservations and all the reservation I made via the phone were there. I also found out that Be OUR Guest does not take reservations out as far as August yet and therefore I will have to keep checking on that one to see when they start taking reservations again. That is kind of odd because there is no way of knowing that there are openings but not quite yet.

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Hi. So all of what you described happened to me when booking MVT. My agent did tell me about having to call and change the email and home address with Disney because it was the agency address, this is pretty standard. The ADR situation happened to me too. The first year I did the same, ultimately had to call to make my reservations and all was fine. No one really had any answers as to why I could only book one day at a time. That trip I was traveling with 2 other families, one used MVT and the other direct from Disney. Only the family that booked direct could book all ADR days. Interesting huh…Well then the following year I booked with MVT again and once again I tried to book all my ADRs and the same thing happened. So…I tried using the MDE app, ah-ha!! worked using the app. Anyways, just wanted to tell you what I discovered in my similar experience. This year long story short had to book with direct with Disney so I could make my ADRs (procrastinator, guilty) and I had absolutely no problems booking my ADRs.

I finally booked my ADR’s via the phone. Emailed and told MVT:rage: about the problem and they stated to book by phone. They stated that they do not change my MDE acct. information and I found the problem wasn’t with the MDE acct. information. After booking via phone and the Disney CM correcting whatever information she could see, I still could not book online. I believe that if you book via MVT which works with the business dept. at Disney, you just can’t book more than a day at a time online. Must book by phone in order to get 10 days of reservations on the 180th day. I guess with the money I saved I will just have to deal with it. The other thing that I found out via phone was the BOG is not booking reservations for the month of Aug. yet. How is one supposed to use the 180 day + 10 to snag a BOG reservation or even know they are not all booked up. I guess they do take reservations for Breakfast and Lunch but not Dinner at this time in August CM said they have not been notified when they will be available. Bad deal if you are trying to make one 180 days out. :rage:

I have had this problem booking my length of stay with packages I booked on my own as well. The last time I could book on the app but not a browser. Others on chat were reporting the same issue. I do not think it is because of MVT?

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I’ve had that happen to me and I had to call to make the reservations as it was an issue in the MDE. I;ve had it happen a few times. They are aware of it and have been trying to fix it. I spoke with tech support and they didn’t have an answer as to why this happens but that they are aware of the issue. When I called, I had been trying to make reservations for 5 hours and got so frustrated. After calling and getting the reservations by phone, I was sent to Tech Support and they said that this has been an issue that they are trying to fix. This was for a trip that was for the end of May, 2016 and I ended up canceling. I then made reservations for a trip in December 2016 and had the the same issues, again, spoke with Tech Support and was told the same thing. The last trip, December 2017, had the same issues and spoke with Tech Support and I’ll give you one guess what they said? Yes, the same thing. This is something that has been going on for at least 2 years and should be fixed by now. It is the one issue that I don’t like having to deal with. The reservations were not done thru MVT.

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Thanks so much for your reply. When I went to make my DDR’s via Disney Dinning phone, she had asked about my name, email, and address. They were all wrong so I assumed MVT had changed my MDE profile, and that might have been the problem. CM said IT was working on the system but this has been going on for years with many problems. They can’t seem to get it together. Bad for those of us making DDR’s via the web because that 10 day advantage makes the different on whether you can get certain reservations. My agent at MVT assured me that she or the agency had not changed anything in my MDE profile and the only address change I needed to make was for the shipment of the Magic Bands. She stated that the reason Disney Dinning had the agency address was because of the way they book via Disney Business section. It would have no effect on DDR’s. All and all I got it done but it is madding as I never had this problem three years ago.

I’m so sorry you had that problem! Getting to book the ADRs for the whole trip is such a perk. It would be so frustrating to miss out on that! I’m glad you were able to eventually make the ADRs by phone. I did book through MVT and I’m thankful to say that I didn’t experience the same problem. I hope that Disney’s IT fixes this problem soon, but if it’s been happening for 2+ years, that doesn’t look likely.

I think it was suggested in a earlier post that if you are having problems making your ADR’s on your 180th day and the web site will not let you make them more than one day at a time instead of the 10 day window, use the Disney app. instead of the web site. I was having problems with this and I finally went out on the Disney app to make the reservations I wanted for the 10 day period and it worked like a charm. :rofl:

I’m 14 days out from booking my ADR’s. also booked through MVT and now nervous! guess i’ll also have the app open just in case.

I found it had nothing to do with MVT. Disney web site appears to have problems with the 180 days, 10 day ADR’s. I found that getting my ADR’s via the phone was quite easy. The app was also easy to use.