Making Dining Reservations Past My Room Reservations

Ok so I am splitting up my stay at Disney. The first half I will be at Pop Century and the second half I will be off property. My question is since I am staying on property for my first part of the trip can I use my ability to reserve 180 days +10 to continue booking dining reservations “early” for the part of my trip that isn’t on property.

Basically what I’m asking is if Disney actually checks for room reservations all the way through those +10 days?

Dumb follow up question but is park admission required for booking dining reservations?

Thanks in advance!!!

You do not need park admission to make reservations. You will only be able to book the days you are onsite (including arrival and departure day) on your 180 day. Yes, Disney checks and will not give you more days than you are onsite. Your reservations for your offsite days will have to be made day by day, 180 days from the date you want to reservation. Good luck! I would plan your hard to get ADR’s during your onsite days (BOG, Ohana, CRT).

Related to this question, does anyone know if you have a split stay both onsite, whether you get the full length of the stay at 180 days?

I think that I just answered my own question, never mind.

Thanks for the responses!