Making ADRs during a 12 day trip

I have gotten different answers from Disney CM’s this week (which is irksome to say the least) and realize that you all will have the actual experience to tell me the real answer! We are staying for 12 days. When our 180 window opens, will we only be able to book that first day through Day 10? And then will day 11 be available 10 days later? and then Day 12 a day after that? I have gotten three different answers from Disney. But I’m still smiling because it’s a good problem to have!

I believe I was able to book day 11-14 without having to “catch up” the 10 days. They opened up one day at a time after the 180+10 mark.

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Your 11th day will open one day after 180, 12th two days after etc. Assuming you’re staying on site. Offsite it will be 180 days before each day of you’re trip. Maybe that’s why you’ve got two different answers. The plus 10 is only for on-site guests.

Thanks! Actually It was two different cast members and they knew I was staying onsite. Both said all 12 days could be booked at 180 from the Day 1. I even pressed them on it, asking isn’t it just 10 days, but they insisted all 12 would be open. I am going with Liners as the final say quite frankly! Thanks again