Making ADRs- can two people be logged in?

My ADR day is approaching and I was wondering if two people can be logged into the same DME on two different devices at once. I was hoping to be on my laptop making reservations and my DH on his laptop making reservations too. My plan is to divide and conquer, thoughts?

Yep. I have done this. It Should work as long as MDE is not glitching–Which unfortunately is almost everyday :smirk:

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This totally works. You might want to both make a “dry run” at making an ADR to practice and be sure you both know how to log in and run the searches, etc. I’ve even heard of people opening MDE in multiple tabs or windows, filling in a few minutes ahead of time the searches they want, then clicking through the tabs and starting their searches and making reservations right at 7am eastern.

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Another option is to open up multiple browser windows on one PC and set up a search for each ADR you want. Then just cycle through them as you go through the ADR process: first kick off all the searches when your ADR window opens, then select a time for each ADR, then continue through the rest of the process in a parallel fashion.

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We tried to do this on 5/23/16 and it did not work. My DD, DH, and I all were up, logged in to MDE and ready to go. My daughter must have been the quickest because she was able to reserve, but DH and I weren’t. My husband was able to login to his work server and then could make reservations too. DH is an IT guy and thought maybe they were only letting 1 device per IP address on? Maybe it was a glitch, but it sure threw a wrench in our plans.

Would two different servers/one MDE work with FPPs?

Thank you for all the great suggestions!!! Fingers crossed that there are no glitches.

All that aside, do the ones that are hardest to get and most important to you first.

@dig1n - did you get all the ADRs you wanted, even though you couldn’t get in right away?

We were able to get everything we wanted. Not sure if you can login to same MDE acct at different locations and make reservations. We didn’t try that.

Yes! My DH and I did this :slight_smile:

Good news! Thank you!!

Just in case you didn’t reserve yet- I will share my strategy: I had 3 different browsers with 3 different members of our party logged in on the same desktop simultaneously! (Me on chrome, my SIL on Firefox and my dad on explorer) For each person, I had multiple tabs open in order of most important/ most difficult to least. Reserving this way with restaurant wish list on deck was a breeze! In some cases I had to make 2 res for our large party which is why the multiple browsers were crucial.

While it may work just fine, I don’t really see why you’d need different people all logged into one MDE. Why not have everyone logged into their own, since you can make plans for anyone in your family & friends list?

You make a good point. I just prefer having all of my reservations in one place, since I make all of the plans for my family. I worry something would get lost in the shuffle if they’re spread over multiple MDE accounts.

Great strategy thank you for sharing.

Another good strategy! Thank you!!

I did the same thing…had my DH on his MDE account and it worked well.

Maybe I did something wrong, but in the past, even if I was making reservations for two separate parties from my friends/family list, manually selecting the people, it would not allow me to make the reservation for the second party without canceling the first reservation. In comes the second MDE account…(sometimes we need to split our party of 10 to two reservations for parties of 6 and 4…) The benefit of having one person do them is to remain “in the know” about exactly what time the first half of the party reserved for, and to correlate the second one immediately. Also, so multiple people don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and/or be late for work in the reservation scramble for use of the extra MDE account to make overlapping reservations.