Making a new MDE account

We leave in two weeks!!

I am the only one in my family that has a MDE account. When I booked, I just typed in my husband and kids names into the reservation - so their names are showing up on all the booking etc.

However, I would like to make an account for my husband so we can have his account to book rides as well (ie I book the LL while he does the VQ or ILL). I tried this, but it didn’t seem to link properly to our reservation and then it looked like there was 2 of him. So I deleted it all because I felt like I messed it up.

Any tips on how I can do this properly?

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It has been a while, but when we faced a similar situation, I had to call, and they were able to join the two “accounts”. One is actually an account, and one is just you managing them. Anyhow, they were able to handle it over the phone.


Agree with Ryan - call or use the MDE chat feature. I’ve had to do that for accounts.

Your husband could also just log in to your account in his phone - if that solves some of the problem.

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Just have him log into your account.

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Did you connect through the friends and family tab under your profiles? I have sent email requests to link and then “share all plans”.


Thank you all for your help. I didn’t think about the fact that we could both be logged into my account on separate devices. We will do that to save the trouble :slight_smile:

This 100% … I did exactly what you are contemplating, including having Disney IT do it for me, and was banished to MDE hell for my 7 day vacation.

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Oh no!! That’s what I sa worried about!!