Making a Dolphin room request—what should I ask for?

I made a wish list for our Dolphin room:

  1. Close to boat launch, bus stop, EP/HS walkways
  2. Close to the grotto pool
  3. Decent view from our balcony (doesn’t need to be the best, just not ugly)
  4. Not noisier than the average room

The Dolphin is huge, so we’d like to minimize the amount of time we spend schlepping through the hallways. But from looking at diagrams of the hotel, I’m going to guess that #1 and #2 may be in conflict.

Got any suggestions for what rooms to request? (We’re in a deluxe studio with balcony, not a suite, and not with the premium Epcot view.) Have you had success making a request for a Dolphin room, with any particular approach? TIA!

I don’t know that TP does room requests for Swan/Dolphin. The grotto and boat dock are kind of a good distance apart. I’d probably request a room on a lower floor near the main elevator lobbies in the (I believe it’s the west) tower overlooking the grotto.

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They don’t; I’ll be making this request directly with the Dolphin.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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