Making a Dining Reservation for a Friend....Can They Use my Name?

I haven’t been on here for ages, but I know I can always count on Liners to have the best info out there!

Brief story:
Friends are going to Disney in a couple days over Christmas and New Years. They couldn’t find ADR for Sci Fi for one of their dates, so I plugged it into the Reservation finder on here and boom, I got one!!


The reservation is on my MDE account, we couldn’t really line up a trade off day and now I don’t dare cancel it. I am not going to be in The World on that day…Can they still use the reservation but check in with my name and the reservation number?

I have them on my Friend’s and Family list just in case. But I’m sure I’ve read on here before that it can be done,

Thanks so much everyone and Happy Holidays!!

Check in as you. No trouble at all. Done all the time.


Thank you so much!! They have my name and the ressie # so it’ll be all good.

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Are one of them listed on the reservation too?

I tried to add one of them as one of the guests, but it wants me to list everyone, it won’t let me choose just one person. She can log into her MDE account and see the reservation on her account linked through mine.

Oh hang on, I got it, I’ve listed 3 of them as my guests to make up the ADR of 4 people

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Now they are on the reservation!

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