Making a decision that excites me and also makes me feel sick at the same time

Just canceled one of our day passes for tickets to the VMAH. This being my sons’ first trip to WDW and very likely my parents last, I wanted to make sure it was as magical as possible and was feeling like this would be the best way for them to experience MK with the reduced crowds, the special fireworks, the parade, and all the other little after hours extras make me excited to share this moment with them.

That being said, dropping over $1,200 for an after hours party, for a maximum of 6 hours in the park gives my stomach a very unpleasant feeling. Not too unlike what I feel riding ToT if I forget to take my Dramamine. I’m marking this down in my book as a definite “once in a lifetime” experience. The refund from our day passes didn’t quite cover half of the cost of the party. I’m realllllly hoping this party lives up to it’s name lol.


I hope you have the very merriest time!

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Thanks! :crossed_fingers:

Honestly? I think you made the right call.

In the grand scheme of things the $600 or so extra isn’t that much money and you’ll have an awesome time. Two fireworks shows, Disney Christmas magic that melts even my heart, and short lines for all the rides.

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Coming from you, this makes me feel a lot better haha.


I’ve never been to the Christmas party. However, I was there last year during the season and the cavalcades alone were wonderful. I only recently figured out the individual cavalcades were parts of the actual Christmas parade. The decorations were beautiful. The castle projections were amazing. Sitting on the patio at Tony’s eating dinner underneath the decor and Christmas music in the background - it was all so amazing. The Dapper Dans singing Christmas carols. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I share this long reply to say - I don’t think you will be disappointed, as the party will be the things noted above + more.