Make a TP before making FPP?

So now that June 22nd is the date when package dates come out I’m really excited and want to make TPs . But should I make them now or just wait until I can make FPPs? 60 days out won’t be till February. So far away!!! Or should I just play around now and tweak when we get FPPs?

I would say play around now. The TP software can even give you suggestions on what attractions and when in the day to try for FPP. For instance, when I made my first plan for my trip last year, I made my TP without any FPP selections. Then, I looked to see when and where the longest wait times were to get an idea of where FPP would be most useful. Have fun!

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Definitely start now. It will give you a good idea of feasibility, and as noted above, will suggest good option for choosing which FP+ and when. Them, re-run the planning by putting in a few guesses as to which FP+ you’ll get, based on those suggestions.

When I did this for my upcoming trip at Epcot, especially, it really helped me pick which FP+ would actually be useful from the tier 2 selections. When my 60-day mark hits, I’ll have not only a good idea of what I want a FP+ for, but also when. Then when I actually have them, back to optimize and/or evaluate once more.


I agree. Make a preliminary TP now. Let the software make suggestions for which attractions would best use FPPs. Then you know what to try for at your 60 day mark. After getting your FPPs, go back into your preliminary TPs and update them to include the actual FPPs.

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