Major WDW failure at MK tonight

During the night show “Happily Ever After”,WDW seriously lost control of the crowd. We were walking to Tomorrow Land and everyone just stopped in all the paths, including bridges. All paths were completely blocked. If there had been a medical emergency, nothing could have been done.

It was awful. An off duty cast member said she had never seen crowds like that.

And then getting back to the car! It was nearly two hours from the moment we chose to leave and when we arrived at our car. The only had one ferry running, a monorail broke down in the afternoon.

There was no magic to be had.

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It did look horribly crowded. It’s because it doesn’t show on party nights, so the crowds are all there on the same night.

Slightly related to this

When we visited MK in July the crowds seemed far bigger than when we last visited

I remember MK as a child and in our last holiday as being a beautiful, tranquil place etc. Yes it had queues for popular rides but apart from that you would walk around and feel that it was a really pleasant place to be

Maybe the park is a victim of their own success etc. But in July certain areas were just swamped with people. Many just sat on the floor eating food or resting etc it was so busy.

I looked around me and thought this is more like Blackpool Pleasure Beach on a busy day than Magic Kingdom! (UK posters will know what I mean)

On days like that it certainly seems to lose the magic effect and just seems manic instead

Just my opinion and observation

We always go in July or August and I’ve never thought it was anything like Blackpool Pleasure Beach!! It’s very crowded but it never loses its magic for me. Except trying to get out after the fireworks.

This was daytime somewhere near frontierland I think

I just looked around me and thought wow this is crazy

I think MK is way more accessible for way more people than when I was young

The huge groups of students that go now together etc or cheerleaders or dancers

Maybe it’s always been like that and I’ve fallen lucky in the past?

We’ve definitely had the huge Brazilian tour groups in July and if you’re near them then it’s a nightmare.

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Yep we were surrounded by them I think!


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We were in the park Sunday and the crowds were such that it became difficult to get from A to B. we decided not to wait for the show, A monorail train was also broken down as we left the park around 6 PM, We only witnessed one ferry, never realised that there were two :slight_smile:

Not sure on Blackpool, but certainly Oxford Street on the wrong day.

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My reference to Blackpool Pleasure Beach was that it felt a bit “chavvy” as well

Wasn’t just the crowds it was everyone all sprawled out on the floor eating, texting, resting etc

It’s just didn’t feel and look like how I like Disney to feel and look

I’m sure it wasn’t how Walt would have imagined it would be

Hope that makes sense

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It is sad. I had a perfect vacation in 2000 with 2 boys at WDW. And I couldn’t give that to my daughter yesterday.

We won’t be coming back.

I’ve definitely never thought it was chavvy. Certain people maybe, but not the whole place.

Everybody looking well smart in their Burberry? :wink:


I’ve heard horror stories about the Brazilian tour groups so many times! Are they just huge groups that travel together or what? Any particular times of year?

January and July are their months. They can be huge, loud and annoying. But they move slowly, so you can generally get around them. They chant a lot so it’s not fun to be in an enclosed space with them.

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One day of gridlock and you’re writing off the whole vacation? Did someone get hurt or something?

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Omg that sounds awful lol. Chant what???

The words to the macarena song. (kidding, I really don’t know)

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I don’t really know, it’s in Portuguese! I guess their school song or something? They’re just excited.

Ah yes, I understand fully.

Certainly wasn’t writing off the whole vacation

We has an absolutely brilliant holiday

It’s just this thread about crowds in MK reminded me how I felt myself in MK at one stage

It was also very busy for the fireworks but that I understood and it was calmer

During the day what I described just looked like a big mess of people