Majestic Gardens and other Hotel Deals during Corona Virus Shut-down

I just saw that Majestic Garden Hotel is having a $99/night special if you book by April 30, with no change fees for one whole year! Anyone have experience with this hotel? Anyone aware of other hotels with similar deals?

Anyone else feeling like they need to plan a DLR trip just to stay sane?


Yes, planning Disney trips is my favorite hobby, I’ve planned a few of them recently. I have one planned for June and I am still holding out on hope, but it’s not looking promising.

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I have a trip planned for July, which is my rescheduled April trip. Hopefully it pans out! Prices are up from April! I’m hoping prices will drop soon and I can re-book for the same time at a lower price.

I have a trip planned. Not until January 2021 but to make up for canceling out fabulous WDW trip earlier this month I’ve gone all the way and booked an Adventure by Disney trip. Tours of Disney Studios, Henson Studios then Grand Californian Hotel and VIP tours of DL and DCA. Maybe I’m overcompensating a bit. :grin:


We also had a trip planned for April, but I’m not sure when we will rebook, which is why the free change with the Majestic seems like a good deal. However, mixed reviews on the hotel itself, although we spend very little time at the hotel when we’re there.

I kind of want to be there the day they re-open.

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I want to say a few years ago @Randall1028 (unless I am confusing him with someone else) was looking into this package and ultimately decided against it. I was so sad. I was really hoping to live vicariously through him. Now I am hoping to live vicariously through you! I would love to do this. Maybe if my plans for my 50th fall through, maybe I will do this instead.


I have no experience with this hotel, but it seems to have decent reviews on trip advisor though.

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Yup, that was me. Though I think i was looking at the lower tier one? It still ended up being more expensive for me as I was going solo, so I opted out at the time.

I’ve been thinking about it again, but still haven’t pulled the trigger on anything. Maybe one day.


@Randall1028, I’ve missed you over on the WDW side. How are you doing? I miss your regular contributions and hope you’re ok.


Even if you don’t do the DIsney Adventure, I hope you will make it our way someday. I think you method of touring would fit nicely in DLR.

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Thanks, I’m doing great, actually. How bout you?

Just not a whole lot to talk about on the WDW front and I don’t want to get pulled into the pessimistic speculations that are running rampant here of late (not that it’s anyone’s fault, it’s natural). My biggest “negative” (and I use the term so loosely) is that I had planned to get my entire family to WDW this year and they all bailed for various reasons. I’ve never heard of people bailing on almost-free trips to Disney…but they did and here we are.

I hope so too. I’m looking at next year hopefully. I was seriously considering THIS year in october or so but it was kinda stretching my budget a bit thanks to doing something…ahem…rather rash :smiley: , but then the virus hit and it pretty much nuked that idea all together.

So we’ll see.


This sounds amazing! I had to go look at the Adventure by Disney trips after reading your post. I can only dream! At least until I’m finished paying college tuition!

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