Main Street, WDW, versus Main Street, DL question

Okay. So, I have this memory. I remember walking down Main Street at WDW toward the castle, and coming across on the left side the Penny Arcade. So, on a subsequent visit, I was sad to see that the whole stretch was converted into a gift shop.

Or…wait…am I completely messed up?

I was watching one of the documentaries on Disney+ where they were showing Disneyland…and lo and behold, there it was…the Penny Arcade.

So, this got me wondering…is my brain intermixing the two parks?

See, I had visited Magic Kingdom before I ever visited Disneyland…I was 8 or 9. But I visited Disneyland when I was about 12, I think it was. So, could it be that Magic Kingdom NEVER had a Penny Arcade?

Someone set me straight on this, because it is really bothering me that I may have been falsely lamenting the loss of the Penny Arcade this whole time!!!

found this:
A version of this delightful distraction still entertains guests at Walt’s original Disneyland Park in Anaheim California. The Florida fun was finished when the Emporium was expanded. During its operation (October 1971 to March 1995) guests could play arcade games for a quarter or watch moving picture machines for a penny. The arcade was also home to the first penny press in the park.,penny%20press%20in%20the%20park.

Ah! Very good. Then my lament was genuine! Glad to know I wasn’t crazy. (At least, not about THAT!)


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