Main St Vehicles

Does they start running when Main Street opens? Or not until official park open?

They were driving back and forth when we were taking pictures at 8. Pretty sure people were on them.

What time do they stop?

You can hop on before park open. Most ppl don’t because they want the photo of Cinderella’s castle / Main Street as they enter. I believe they go until mid-day… somewhere around 2p - 3p

I thought they stopped much earlier 10 or 10:30

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Good to know! We have several MK days for our next visit, and we’ve never ridden the Main Street vehicles before-figured it might be a good trip to try it!

Can anyone verify time they stop based on recent in park experience?

I was there in April… that’s as recent as I can verify. I’m pretty sure it’s before the Festival of Fantasy parade. They clear the streets for that.

I just checked calendar in the website for my July dates and it says 10:30. Maybe it depends on date/expected crowds?


I have us planned to go around 10:00 before a late brunch at 1900 PF. Maybe I’ll try to get us there a little earlier to be safe. We’re only going to take our time on Main Street that morning before our reservation.

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If you are already in the park, could be a fun way to go from the hub back to the gate to go over to go over to the GF.

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