Magnets in clothing going through security

I got this very cute Darth Vader dress from Her Universe that has a detachable cape. The cape connects with about 10 buttons, which are underneath a halter neck, so I pretty much have to undo the top to get the cape on and off.

Practically speaking, if I wear this dress at WDW, I probably would only wear the cape for a few photos in Galaxy’s Edge. So - I was thinking about sewing on some magnets to make attaching / detaching the cape easier.

But now I’m wondering if I’m causing myself trouble getting through the metal detectors with magnets near my neck? Has anyone gone through security with magnets in their clothes?

I’ve gone through with magnets in my bag.

But I may not be the best person to say how that goes - I could go through with an empty bag and I would still get pulled for extra security screening LOL


Maybe squares of velcro in place of buttons. :thinking:


I had a bag with a magnetic closure that would get flagged. Quick step to the side for them to check.

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During my last visit I carried a prescription glasses case that is reinforced with metal, which tripped the scanner every time I crossed a security checkpoint. Each time it initiated a full empty the bag and inspect every item procedure. Once I finally identified the offending item, I learned that you can eliminate the full inspection if you hold the item in an outstretched hand when you pass through the scanner and security will make a quick inspection of that single item and let quickly get on your way.

Yeah I’ve done that too.

They never can find what trips it up :woman_shrugging:t3: I just basically go directly to the table now :laughing:

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