MagicBands vs just using tickets

We are planning a trip in May 2021. We are staying off property. We have been to DW several times before but have lost some MagicBands since our last trip. With no Fastpasses, the only reason for a MagicBand is for park entry at the turnstiles.

We bought tickets from Boardwalk Ticketing, linked to MyDisney Experience app with park reservations, but I can’t tell if the tickets have RFID. Can’t see a chip. I only see a swipe strip.

Can we use this ticket at the turnstile instead of a MagicBand?

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Are the cards similar to these…?
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If so, yes, you can use these for park entry. They don’t have a visible chip.

If you have small children in your group and will be using child swap at rides, that may be the only other time you might need a magic band. At least that’s how it was precovid, I’d assume it’s similar now. With that being said, you could just use the ticket card as well.

You don’t need to have a card either. When you buy tickets direct, there is an option to just receive them electronically. There is a barcode on the email.

You just need to show your ID plus your MDE park reservation or ticket purchase email at entrance. This was confirmed to me by a CM on the phone recently.

Not sure how ROTR works, I think just show your Boarding Group from MDE. I’ll find out in one week.

I had MDE open but they also scanned my MB.

Well I hope they let me in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They will :joy:

I think they scanned my MB cuz of my cane. They were looking for DAS to put me in a different line. But don’t they scan MBs for FPs? I know at DL we use MDE for MaxPass

yes - that is exactly what they look like. Thanks!

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@bebe80 was wondering how it went with your online ticket for Disney at the gates. I was under the impression that your online tickets had to be traded in for plastic cards at guest services…but perhaps this was a pre-covid practice. Also what you did for ROTR if you were lucky enough to get a boarding group.

Correct. I wasn’t quite sure since I got conflicting answers from different CM’s ahead of time.

They scanned the cards to enter ROTR. (Got a BG two days)

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