MagicBands - staying both in and out of WDW resort

I’m wondering if you have any advice on how to handle MagicBands and FP+ reservations when your time at a Disney Resort does not line up exactly with days you plan to visit Disney Parks? We plan to visit Animal Kingdom and Epcot BEFORE we move to our Disney resort hotel. What might this look like in terms of obtaining MagicBands and making FP+ reservations in advance?

Do you have a package booked for your Disney resort stay, or a room-only booking? That determines if you can book FPs for those days before your stay.

If you have a room-only booking, you must have tickets linked to MDE to be able to book FPs. 60 days before your resort check-in day, your window will open up for the length of your stay, but also for the days before. So you get some advantage but not the full 60 day window.

If you have a package booked, you can activate your tickets early in person, but until you do that you won’t be able to book FPs.

Thanks for this info. It is a room-only booking. I checked MDE and our MagicBands from a trip a few years ago remain listed. I am planning to purchase park admission tickets from Undercover Tourist. I’m thinking once I do that, and then link them in MDE, it will all become clearer, or could get sorted with a call to WDW.

Happy to hear any other tips or advice.

If you have a room only reservation booked you should also see where you “customize your bands” is listed in MDE. If you live in the US your new magic bands will arrive before your visit. Your FP window will open for the days before your stay on day 60 of your stay.

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