MagicBands, charging to the room, and keeping track

DH and I are old-fashioned old people who prefer to use cash over credit or debit. (We’ve also managed our finances with the envelope method* for 33+ years, and it was most helpful on our old Disney trips and vacations.)

However, the world has changed (dagnabbit), and with COVID altering the daily habits of people and businesses everywhere, we realize we’re going to have to connect our debit card to our MagicBands and pay for most of our meals and trinkets that way.

We’ve never done that. We never put charging privileges on our old room key cards. We don’t even like to use the debit card and hang on to the three receipts per month that we generate like golden treasure destined to be buried in a chest on a beach somewhere. (To be found by Jack Sparrow, of course.) :pirate_flag:

But I don’t even know if you get a paper receipt if you pay for your Dole Whip with your MagicBand! What if I don’t have anything to bury in a chest like treasure?!

So, really basic question: Can I get a list of purchases every day from the front desk? I can’t find a place on the MDE app that would tell me what damage I’ve done to my budget. Oooo – is there such a thing on the app that would tell me that?! And I just haven’t found it because [see above re: old-fashioned old people]???

I’ve only got 95 days to get ready for this trip. I’m beginning to sweat.

*The envelope method is a household budget in which you put a set percentage of your paycheck toward bills, a percentage toward savings, and a percentage to daily money, ostensibly in an envelope for each day of the week. You put aside a day’s worth of money for just that day. When you run out of money on Tuesday, you can’t buy anything until Wednesday. Whatever is leftover at the end of the day can be rolled into the next day’s cache or savings. Really has worked for us, but it’s very old-fashioned, I know.


You can absolutely go to the front desk and ask for a printout of charges. And if you wanted to, you could pay them off each night with cash if you want.

You used to get a receipt from most stores and restaurants, not sure about the food stands.


Thank you! DH will be so happy to hear this. Heck, I am so happy to hear about this! Thank you, thank you!

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You can also look in the MDE app

It should be there?


Yes! Ask for a print out of your charges at the front desk. You can however see all your room charges in the MDE app :wink: when you are at disney click on the “My Resort” section. The tab room charges wont be in there now but will show when you get there. Just click and see all you budget breakimg purchases


So you do get a receipt regardless of payment method and also you can see the charges in the app once you’ve checked in. The front desk can also give you a print out if you ask. You do have to link a card to your reservation, but I don’t think you are required to use it anywhere unless you choose to do so.


Where do you find that menu? Is that on an iPhone or Android? I’m Android. … where do you find that menu?

OH! You have to check in. I’ll wait until I check in, then, and I’ll probably ask someone to show me where it is on the app.

Thank you so much!

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Yes once you check in, click the three-horizontal-bar menu icon in the lower right, then click “Resort Hotel,” and then you will see the screen @PrincipalTinker shared.

By the way, I received an email with every Mobile Order detailing what we purchased. I also received an email upon checkout from each hotel with a listing of my room charges (i.e., MagicBand purchases). I just looked one up right now and it is quite detailed - shop/restaurant, park/hotel, amount. It won’t tell you what you purchased though.

I did receive paper receipts for every transaction in a shop, or was asked if I wanted one (i.e., buying a Dole whip).

So you should have no shortage of paper / emailed listings of your transactions. And you can request additional paper copies from the front desk, as suggested above.


This is the homepage of my app

When I hit the “my resort” link it brings me here

I am checked in.


For a second there I thought you were already at WDW! I do hope you will share about your trip when it happens.


I am afraid I am going to be too emotional. I am already falling apart. I never thought I would be able to go travel or go to wdw again.


I totally understand! However much or little you share, we’ll all be excited for you to be back. What is your countdown?


8 days! I have an appointment to get a new phone tomorrow!




Those screen caps are so helpful! I can’t thank you enough. But I can try – thank you!!! :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


Oh, my goodness, that is me. I haven’t been to WDW since November 2006. I made all my friends stop talking about WDW years ago because it just hurt too much. Now they’re giving me the stink-eye because I won’t shut up about my trip. I know I’ll be a mess at check-in.

I hope you have a wonderful, magical trip!!!


Thank you- you too!


Make sure to verify if they still do the $100 hold on your card. Earlier in 2019-2020, if you charged to your MB they would automatically put a $100 hold on the card, much like some gas stations do at gas pumps.
So, for instance charge a $20 tshirt, it would appear on your daily bank summary as $120 pending charge.

Oh, I appreciate the heads-up! I’ll be sure to check for that. Thank you! :smiley:

just so you know you are in good company! my friends can’t believe i still use cash and don’t venmo or whatever! it was so strange the first time charging things to the magic band! i had to explain to my DD5 at the time that it was real money being used!!! good luck!

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