MagicBand vs hole punched card?

Is it possible/feasible to hole punch the RFID card and attach to their backpack rather than using the MagicBand system?

I don’t know the answer to your question. I’m just here to make a possible suggestion. Perhaps you could put the magic band on your backpack as you would the hole punch card? You could maybe duct tape it or superglue it if you were worried about it falling off or being stolen.

I wouldn’t want to risk cutting the RFID antenna in the card and potentially incapacitating it. How about just putting it in one of those card holders for lanyards and attaching that to your backpack?

If you are worried about it falling off, Amazon sells Bit Belts. These are great for keeping the Magic band secure.

Seconding @brklinck’s concern. I had to buy a new ID in college because punching a hole in it impacted the sensor inside, and I couldn’t get into my dorm room. I wouldn’t mess with it. I think a card holder for a lanyard would work better.


Card holder for lanyard! Brilliant!

We have RFID cards to disable the alarm and unlock the doors at the school where I teach. We actually had to have a class because last year someone punched a hole in the card to put it on a clip. The cards we use have a wire mesh inside that is integral to the card. After she ruined three cards (“I held it up to the light”), they held the class.

@NeedaTurkeyLeg If that employee was a teacher… I certainly wouldn’t want my kids in that person’s class. Yikes.

She was. Not a technology person so she retired this year.

Tech or not, after ruining two, let alone three…

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