MagicBand Plus charging confusions - help please!

We’re arriving in Orlando tomorrow, and so I have put the brand new (but previously paired and charged) MagicBand+ watches back onto the chargers tonight.

These things aren’t as fancy as my Apple Watch. There’s no super obvious way to tell whether they’re charged and how much battery % is left in the charge.

  1. is it possible to turn them off at night? Maybe that’s unnecessary at this point since we’ll need to charge them each night.

  2. how long do these things need to charge to get full battery? And how do I tell when they’re fully charged? They’ve been flashing 1/4 red or 1/4 yellow lights, and eventually have gotten to the point of flashing 1/2 green light.

  3. any other useful tips to share with these Watch things?? :slight_smile: I’m hoping they will last all day each day!!

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I just paired mine to my phone about an hour ago and it told me mine, which I also charged today, was full.

If it’s completely dead, I read on some sites it’s about 2 hours to charge to full.

I’ve learned all of this today. So if someone with more knowledge can help, please jump in!

Here’s the site I used, it was updated in Feb of this year.

MagicBand+ Guide and FAQ - Price, Pairing, and What They Do | Guide2WDW


On a different site I heard that the Batuu Bounty Hunters is the biggest drain on it as far as they could tell.

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Thank you for your quick reply!! If it takes 2 hours then I will try to be patient :innocent:

I’ll check out your faq link - thanks!

And, noted on the supplemental game draining the batteries.

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It can be turned off, to conserve battery, for instance. “Power on your MagicBand+ by pressing the button on the back once. To turn off the band, hold that same button for a few seconds.”


I think the flashing half green is the full charge indicator, but don’t quote me on that.

I know you can see the actual charge percentage in the MDE app