MagicBand+ Pairing Issue

Good morning, I am trying to pair my MagicBand+ that I have used previously in Walt Disney World for our upcoming Disneyland trip. I deactivated them on the Disney World app. I keep getting an error that says “Something Went Wrong. We’re unable to load your details. Please try again .” We have already paid for our vacation package with the Disneyland hotel and 3 day park hopper passes but my understanding is that the tickets will not be on my phone app until a few days before we arrive. Do I need to wait until those tickets are loaded on my app to link the MagicBand+? I also reset the MagicBands per the Disney website and that didn’t work either.


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Once you deactivate the band is effectively dead. To my understanding it cannot be re-alived or paired.

On the Disney World app it allows be to toggle back and forth between activated and deactivated, not sure if it still actually works or not but it does say activated when I flip the switch.

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There was just recently a thread on the DLR chat about a WDW magicband not syncing and they just tried the chat option on the App and the CM helped them link it. :blush::heart: DD and I just used ours at Disneyland Wednesday and loved using them to make Tinkerbell appear in the Peter Pan queue

Interesting! Hmmm :thinking:

My understanding is that your tickets will be available to link to your Magic Band+ 4 days before your trip. The first time I linked DL tickets to my MB+, I ended up having to call and get help from a CM. The last 2 or 3 times, it was just a matter of assigning the tickets to the MB+. I was able to link 3 MB+ to my ticket with no problem. One of them had been already assign\ed to my WDW account with no problem.