MagicBand confusion

First time staying fully on-campus this fall (hopefully). We’ve bought the kids cheap MB in the past to make life a little easier with FP & admission so I was surprised when I logged into MDE to order/customize our free ones and discovered that the choices don’t mirror what’s available at shopDisney. How badly will it confuse things if I pick a free one for my DD on MDE but buy her the one she’d already picked out? I’m spoiling her, but so much has changed with this trip I want her to have the MB she already picked out!

It won’t confuse things at all.
You will link the one she picked out to her, just as the free one will be linked to her.
There is really no limit to the number of magic bands a person can have!


Great! I was worried that everything would get tied to the one she didn’t want.

Nope. The magic bands are tied to the profile. The profile is what has all the “things” (hotel reservation, park tickets, dining). The band just carries the profile around, if you will, and you can have loads of them linked to your profile

Not that I’d know… :smirk: :smiley:

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How serious is this recent request from Disney that I saw somewhere that we should deactivate all previous bands but maybe one or two.

It’s not like we even know where all ours are.

Or that we’ll lose any sleep over un-deactivated bands.


You de-activate them on your MDE account

You don’t need to have the bands to deactivate them. As long as you don’t deactivate the ones you want to keep.

I have seen people who have had to get a whole load deactivated. There apparently does come a point where you can run into problems if you have too many. Not sure how many that is though.

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Don’t need the band number to deactivate, eh?


It must be…

A real lot :zipper_mouth_face:

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No it shows in the user’s profile