Magicband+ and Galactic Starcruiser

Just made my September booking for Galactic Starcruiser, (woot!!!) which so far has come with a unique Magic Band upon arrival check-in. My booking agent hasn’t heard of any plans for Magicband+ and GS. So I’d love to hear if anyone knows of any plans for a special MB+ with GS. And if anyone does GS from here on out, I’d love to hear what they give you for a MB, and if there’s any new MB+ interactivity in the experience now.

Are the exclusive GS MBs being upgraded to MB Plus?

That’s part of what I’m wondering. My agent isn’t aware of any plan for that yet

“Every Guest who joins a Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser adventure aboard interplanetary travel group Chandrila Star Line’s legendary Halcyon Starcruiser will receive an exclusive MagicBand for use on board, during your crew’s visit to Batuu, and beyond. At this time, no announcements have been made regarding if or when Halcyon Guests could be provided with a new MagicBand+ instead.”


Great find, thanks! I don’t do the GS for another 2 months. So hopefully Disney will have something new by then. I don’t see how they can keep including the “old” MB with their flagship Star Wars high-end experience of the GS. They’re gonna hve to do MB+ sooner rather than later