Magicalexpress No Luggage Tags

We have an impromptu trip and Disney didn’t get us our luggage tags in time. Got Conflicting answers from Disney. One CM said just bring your claim ticket to DME and they would take care of it. The next CM said we would have to pick Up our luggage on the carousel and take it to the DME Bus ourselves. Which is right? Anyone run into this?

You can take your claim tickets to the DME counter, but I wouldn’t risk it.


“Bypass the baggage claim area in the main terminal and proceed directly to Disney’s Magical Express located in Terminal B, Level 1. If you did not place Disney’s Magical Express luggage tags on your checked items, be prepared to provide your airline baggage claim numbers so Disney can collect your luggage for delivery to your Resort hotel.”


That said, if I were in any rush to get my luggage, I’d probably fetch it myself.

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Thank you all. It’s tough when you get conflicting responses. We are not in a hurry at all. In fact, we would rather DME take us directly to our lunch reservation at AKL at Sana’a. But apparently that’s a no-no since we are at another resort. Not sure I get the difference but that’s fine with me.

You can give DME the luggage claim tickets and they will do the rest. That’s how international guests have to do it, since we don’t get the luggage tags.

That said, if we arrive direct into Orlando we have to claim our bags anyway for Customs, so last time we just took them with us. You can put them back on the carousel and they transfer them to the main terminal for you, but we forgot about that!

But flying in from a Hub airport is bliss as we can just head to DME, hand them our claim tickets and join the queue for the bus.

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I’ve done this multiple times and never had an issue. I was skeptical at first, but it works well.

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It’s totally fine. It’s not a risk at all. People do it every day.