Magical Vacations Travel offer

Got an email about exclusive offers for 2015 which lines up with our dates. Thinking of looking into it but assuming all offers are packages with tickets and one of us has an AP should I even bother? Can you book a package only booking tickets for 3 out of 4 of the guests staying in the room?

They are a travel agency like others so it would never hurt to ask. But if you it is booked with Disney as an official Magic Your Way package with the included benefits all members would have to purchase tickets.

I think that’s the big agency that reserves blocks of rooms though so they might be able to book as room and tickets separate. I don’t think any of our liner TA’s are with them that I know of but maybe one of them can give you more info.

I guess it can’t hurt to check. I am wary as we have never used a TA. Not against them at all, just haven’t used before. I was planning to book a room using an AP discount and then UT tickets for the rest. I have heard other liners say the MVT deals are very good so I am curious if it would be better than my original plan.

I just booked a few nights in Nov under their Wine & Dine “package”. No idea why it was called a package–it was Room Only. Got TVP at CR for a song.

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Thanks! I will look into it.

I assume MV is the same as MouseFan Travel/MEI. They have several names.

You can get a quote for room-only.

However, while I have seen some people report great deals from this agency for Labor Day, I did not find it was a deal for me for my January dates. I got a quote that is only $82.92 less than my room-only reservation through the current promotion. However, the promo required me to book into a woods view room at WL, whereas my MVT quote is for standard room. So the MVT rate is actually higher, since it’s for a less expensive room category.

Boardwalk was about $150 more than WL for 4 nights, I don’t know if that is a good deal or if that’s about what you’d see through Disney, I didn’t really price that out with the Disney promo.

The value of the deal may be highly dependent on your dates and resorts. It may be better with a package, too. We needed to do a room-only stay for our first night, Jan. 4, which is excluded from the Disney promo, and attached our tickets to that night so we could hit the parks on arrival. (I know we could do tickets through UT, but it’s our first WDW visit as adults and we saw some benefit to having the tickets come through WDW and our TA in case there were any issues.) So we were not looking for a package.

Thank you. I ended up inquiring and was given a quote for 4 different resorts for our dates. The rates were good but not the best I could have hoped for so I did a little research. I will have an AP and historically the last few years an AP discount has been offered within that timeframe. The quotes from MVT were almost exactly the rate I would get from Disney using the AP room discount. So, for me, it isn’t worth booking with them now. I have heard of the excellent Labor Day deals they offer but with our school schedule we can’t travel at that time.
For anyone who does not have an AP looking to get 25% off mods and 30% off deluxes this would be a good deal.

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