Magical Vacations Travel and Room Requests

Our family has used MVT three times and have had great success with them. I know they have saved us thousands of dollars on our trips. There were some limitations, but all in all I would recommend them to anyone.

I do have a question. We have tried requesting rooms using the Touring Plans tool a couple of times when we have booked through MVT. Neither time we were successful. Has anyone who has used MVT had any luck with room requests? I am guessing a lot depends on room requested and availability. I have wondered if convention rates are booked into different areas of the resort. We have been given rooms out of the way and viewing a parking lot when we book through MVT. Booking through Disney we have been more successful with our room requests. In August we are saving over $200 a night on a seven night trip using MVT, so I will take a longer walk and parking lot view to save that much money.

I have requested specific rooms at AKL and Poly. Each time I received exactly what I wanted. I know one or two liners were upgraded to club level over a Labor Day in the past.

That would be nice to have happen. My in-laws got upgraded our last trip we took together, but we booked through Disney.

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We will be using MVT for our trip in March. I put in a room request for this trip but to be honest I have never received the room I have asked for. Most often the room is just fine but on one occasion it just won’t do. I talked to a CM and said I was not happy and they moved me to a room that I liked better. We stay for 12 to 14 nights and maybe that is why we don’t always get the room of choice. As you can see some do, but we have not yet. I will still put in the request because who knows I might get lucky.

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We’ve used MVT several times to stay at the Poly. We have never requested a specific room but have always had our requests of Longhouse and view or floor met when made through the TA.
We have a reservation in Sept at BC using a MVT discount and I’m already studying on what request to put in to possibly get a decent view. But, I’m like you in that the money saved trumps the view anyway especially since we are only there 4 nights.

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