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I’ve seen some posts about a discount planing company, but wasn’t sure of the name. Is it Magical Vacation Travel or Magical Vacation Planner or something else? There are several companies online. Thank you in advanced!

Magical Vacations Travel is the company many of us use.

Thank you!

and here is the name of agent at MVT:

There are at least four Magical Vacation Travel agent’s that have gone through the steps to be included on the official liner TA list:

At least two of those agents are liners that regularly post on here or chat. I would always work with a liner.


Jessica got in touch with me, ever hear of her?

You filled out the general form and did not email an agent directly?

I haven’t heard of Jessica and her name isn’t in the Unofficial Guide.I got Samantha’s name from a friend b4 I even joined Touring Plans.

I have gotten some quotes from Jessica (she filled in for Jason when he was on vacation last year. We ultimately ended up not booking, but she was helpful with giving me options.

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The prices are sooo much better than on the Disney site. Why?!?

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This explains it:


Thank you! This was so helpful. We ended up booking a quick trip with Jessica and she has been beyond helpful.

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