Magical Memories: A Walt Disney World Trip Report

During our family’s spontaneous Disney adventure from April 4 to 11, we transformed a convention trip into a magical vacation. This was our first time traveling to WDW without extended family, and we had a great time.

We started at the Double Tree by Universal, then moved to All-Star Music for our Disney stay, courtesy of a Costco package. Planning with the forum and TP helped us navigate the parks, hoping to dodge the Spring Break crowds.

Exploring the WDW hotel for the first time was super fun. Staying on-site was a treat, especially with my favorite band, Queen, featured in the lobby. We spent our arrival day enjoying the hotel amenities and relaxing in the pool.

We visited Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and the Magic Kingdom. Highlights were TRON, the Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. We also got to experience dining spots like Oga’s Cantina and Rose and Crown for the first time.

The evening shows Happily Ever After and Luminous exceeded expectations. Interacting with cast members, like our waiter Harry at Rose and Crown, added to our experience and showcased EPCOT’s international charm.

Despite a few park navigation hiccups and DH’s realization that age has its limits on thrill rides, the trip was a success. Memorable moments for me were my daughter’s passionate rendition of Frozen songs at the sing-along, bonding with DS by being thrill ride buddies, and witnessing my children’s maturity through the park experiences.

This trip also allowed us to understand better and accommodate our son’s sensory needs, making it a less stressful journey for him. We appreciated the kindness of Disney cast members, including one from a nearby city.

Leaving Disney was bittersweet, but we’re already looking forward to planning our next adventure.


Yay! Planning the next one always helps to ease the reentry process.


That was a sad day for my dh, too. He used to be able to ride anything at Disney. But remember, it’s not him, it’s the ride that changed lol


Sounds like a wonderful trip! I had a similar experience bonding with DD as thrill ride buddies. So special! :heartpulse:

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Sounds like an awesome trip! So glad you had such a wonderful time together. Thank you for sharing your report!

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What a magical Disney adventure your family had, @Treegardner84! It’s heartwarming to hear about your spontaneous trip turning into a memorable vacation filled with new experiences and cherished moments. It’s wonderful to see how the trip not only brought joy but also allowed for meaningful family bonding and understanding of your son’s sensory needs. Your reflections on the trip capture the essence of a magical Disney experience, leaving you eagerly anticipating your next adventure.

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