"Magical Family"

We did a 3night cruise a couple of weeks ago, and on our last dinner the chef came out and handed us an envelope.
In it was an “award” as a “Magical Family” from the chef and the crew (I’m guessing the waiters an such…?).
He looked super excited and was super nice, and we thanked and smiled and everybody was happy.
But what is it?? :smile:

Does everybody get one? Anybody else get one of these and knows more about it?

I had almost forgotten about it, but found it just now when I was going through my enourmous pile of various papers/maps/receipts etc from our trip.

We went on a 7 night Eastern Caribbean DC on the Fantasy and i didn’t get one. Sounds like you guys got something special :smile:

We take our first DCL cruise next year, so I would love to hear more about this. It sounds really great. I would guess that your family was a lot of fun and nice to all the CM’s! :smiley:

Of course we were! We are super nice and awesome!


Hmm… Maybe we should have been even more grateful and nice. Now I feel bad.
No actually I don’t. We gave them a huge tip… :smile:
I guess I’ll have to frame it and hang it on the wall as proof of our awesomness then.