Magical Extras

With my Walt Disney Travel Company confirmation it includes Magical Extras. How do you identify you qualify for the discounts and what is the Magical Extra at Joffrey’s?

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The “magical extras” for me always came as actual paper coupons, and they come either in the box that Magic Bands shipped in, or in an envelope that arrives closer to your departure date with luggage tags. I just got magic bands for our Nov/Dec trip, let me check to see if there is a Joffrey coupon in the box. Most of the stores with discounts included were in Disney Springs I think.

Here are the ones from our Jan 2022 trip. These are the mini golf and ESPN vouchers, honestly I think i threw the store coupons away because we wouldn’t use them. The back says to go to:

That lists the store discounts.

You have to get a package to get these.

I found this out the hard way when I booked Pop, then added my tickets later.

You have to book simultaneously to get the package. When you get a package, you get these and the luggage tags.

We received the Magical Extras at the hotel, the day after checking in. They were not mailed to us gor our April trip, not in with our Magic Bands, either.

I was planning on golfing the day of my arrival I wonder if Ill be able to get the coupons that day ?? Of get a refund or something