Magical Express?

We have a little over a month until vacation and I decided to add three days at Universal, we will be staying on-site. Our week long trip has turned into 10 full days of swimming, good food and rides! My 10yo son doesn’t even remember going to Universal so it will be all new to him! Me too really, since our last trip I have come to love roller coasters and my son is getting braver. I’m hoping he will be brave enough to ride Hulk because I need a coaster buddy. :smile:

So, on to my question. I’m booked for the ME from and to MCO and was originally scheduled to leave on the 2nd of Sept. Can I still take the ME to the airport on the 2nd even though I’m not getting on a plane? I’m trying to keep all of this a surprise. I thought it would be fun to make him think we’re catching the ME to go home, but, surprise him with a Universal stay instead. :smiley:


You likely could. Disney does not have access to flight passengers - just what we tell them. Are you sure you want to travel that far and then pay for transportation back to universal? I think I would pack, leave bags at desk, head to park, then retrieve bags and go to the magical express area where there would be a limo waiting to drive me to universal.

What an exciting trip! Love the surprise twist in it for your son!
I think the limo idea is fantastic. Just wanted to throw out another idea, just in case. When we visited WDW a couple of years back, we also hit Universal. At that time Mears, the company that runs Magical Express, ran a shuttle between WDW resorts and Universal. We purchased the shuttle between parks in advance, and just had to coordinate the pick up at the Mears desk at the airport before we boarded our Magical Express to WDW. It likely would be a different type of shuttle, but by keeping it with the same company, you could just tell your son it’s a different kind of shuttle that goes back, and he’ll be surprised when it drops you off at Universal instead of the airport.
Have a great trip!

I agree with @IMMommyDearest - going all they way to the airport seems like a waste of precious time on your vacation. FWIW, I found that for our group of 5, a taxi was the cheapest option to get from Pop to Universal. As above, there is the limo option or shuttle option, too, and any of these you could indicate are just to get back to the airport - but instead take you to Universal. Sounds like an awesome trip - have a great time!!

If I’m not mistaken, if you are staying onsite at Universal, I thought they had transfers from Disney. I know they do it on their tickets. You may want to check your reservation and see if transportation could be or is included.

It would save you LOTS of time like the others have said.

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Thanks for the replies! I didn’t realize how far away everything is! I guess when you’re on the ME time passes faster than normal…at least it does for me. I decided to pay for a car to come pick us up and tell my son we missed the ME pick-up. He is going to be so excited! :smiley: