Magical Express vs. Uber from Airport

We get into Orlando around 9:00 PM tomorrow night. Last time we went to Disney, we did the magical express and I liked the experience. What I didn’t care for was the wait to get moving and get to the hotel. It might have been just bad timing on my part, but how much time do you think I’d save by taking an UBER as opposed to DME?

I know the kids will want to stay up a bit when we get to the hotel and we have an early day the next day, thinking it might be worthwhile.

You will most definitely save time, but it seems Uber is surging prices to more than double the average rate. Expect to pay about $80 if you use basic Uber.

I have read reports in the last week of Uber/Lyft waits of an hour or more. Also, DME lines with social distancing in place might look much longer than they are.

I think the best thing to do is to just pick one and stick to it.

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Last night there were no Ubers available at that time, and the cheapest Lyft was $89.


You mention “kids,” as in plural. How many in your party? Currently with Covid restrictions, most Uber/Lyft cars can only hold 3 passengers, so families of 4 often need Uber XL, which costs more.

A related question… I am now 25 days out from my trip. I just added my flight info to MDE. Do I have to call ME as well? Do they still send luggage tags even though you have to grab your own bags at MCO and take them to ME?

Magical Express and Uber/Lyft are not the only options. Here’s a good summary:

How did you:

Did you fill out the magical express transportation form? If you did, you are all set. I received an email from my DVC DME booking but they said you should not expect a mailing.

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I’m not sure what this is? On my room reservation confirmation email, there was a link to “Add flight information”. I clicked on the link and entered my airline and flight times, then “Submit”. I later called the phone number listed for ME, but, as always, got connected to a general CM. He assured me that my flight information had been added to my reservation, and that I didn’t need to do anything else. He said that I will not be receiving those sticky yellow luggage tags this time since we have to retrieve our own luggage from Baggage Claim. But I never got an email from ME. Should I be getting an email directly from ME?

Did it look like this?

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No, it did not. I followed a link to a page which was titled “Add Flight Information” and had to sign in to MDE. Then I gave my airline and flight numbers. Maybe I should fill out this form as well, just to be sure. Thanks!

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