Magical Express vs Car Rental

5 of us are staying at AoA for 8 days in September, flying from Maryland arriving at 9AM. We have friends who live in Orlando/Tampa and planned on renting a car at MCO for the stay so we can visit them. None of them have cars large enough for 5 add’l people, and it was actually cheaper to rent Airport/Airport instead of renting at Disney Car Care.

2 of us will be taking the car, three will be taking the bus to the resort. Can the 2 people in the car still have our luggage handled via Magical Express?

Two types of “handled”:

  1. The 2 people put DME tags on the suitcases as if they belonged to the 3, and DME grabs them before they hit the luggage carousel and can move them to the room of the 3. The 2 will have to fetch them from there.

  2. Or don’t tag the ones for 2 people, and the 3 people personally take the 2’s luggage onto the bus, and then to the room of the 3. DME “handles” them only in the sense of transporting them in the luggage compartment of the bus that brings the 3 people.

DME will not transport bags without their apparent owners also riding DME.

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Unless there has been a rule change, if you are all on the same reservation then as long as one of you travels on DME then all of the bags associated with the reservation (and tagged with the yellow tags) will be picked up and brought to your room. No personal experience with this, but other Liners have commented that they have done this.

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I’ve always seen reports that as long as one person on your reservation checks in and takes DME they will take your bags for you. Although if you are renting a car it might actually save time to have 3 go get bags and 2 go get car and drive everyone to the resort.

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thanks for this info - we’re all on the same reservation/in the same suite. Glad to know there are options.

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