Magical Express or Uber-late arrival

Our flight gets us in late, 11 pm. Wonder what will get us to resort the fastest, magical express or uber? Also would it help to do online check in? What cons are there to checking in online?-Thanks

UBER will get you there faster. I would also suggest instead of Uber using Destination MCO. Service was AWESOME and the price was reasonable service was exceptional. They are there waiting for you and the car is directly under baggage claim.

So the benefits of online is it is a bit faster - however, as you are coming in late - I would assume the check in line would be very short if existent at all. I prefer to do check in in person as there is a bit more flexibility in getting the room you want / a possible upgrade etc. Just my opinion. I would possibly just call the hotel (directly) prior to arrival and note you will be checking in very late and want to confirm everything. You won’t get to the hotel until after 12 midnight so want to ensure everything is good.

I’m not a huge Uber fan, but it might be the best option here. (or Lyft)

I had a fairly late (post 10pm) Magical Express to the Wilderness Lodge in January. It was a smaller shuttle and not one of the big DME buses. Worked great, just a little different than you might expect.