Magical Express - odd question

Does anyone know how closely the Magical Express luggage tags are tied to the individual people? I made the ME reservation for myself, but somehow it got propagated to everyone on the hotel reservation. So, I got a luggage tag for everyone in the group. As it turns out, I’m flying solo, one person isn’t coming and the other person is driving in from elsewhere in FL. Can I use one of their luggage tags? The flight information and hotel is all the same.

Can’t confirm, but I am pretty sure that they are all tied to the room. There is really no way of them knowing whose bag it is, just where it is supposed to go. So, worst case scenario is it goes to their room instead of yours (if they are different rooms).

Its all the same room, so that would work. I’ll take a closer look at the bar codes today and see if they differ at all.

Yes, I used a friend’s luggage tag once. The room was under her name and my bag arrived just fine.


If in doubt on it or if you ever need extra tags, just call the number for Magical Express and let them know you need more tags and they will send them. We have had to do it for the past 2 trips and this trip.

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